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A good friend told me the other day that his doctor stopped hugging his customers he was treating for fear of a lawsuit.

What have we become, a war between men and women? The celebrities are coming out but I find it interesting that it is always against someone who has money or fame.

No one is after the man who sleeps under a bridge to get half of his bottle of cheap wine he has been drinking. Now I have no doubt that women have been sexually abused. But why then did she not turn this over to the law at that time? Wasn't that the correct thing to do?

Embarrassed or not, if you really wanted to do something to change this, that was the time. Now for all of you who are thinking well this man just doesn't understand, you're wrong.

After two tours to Vietnam I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I do understand. It was when I faced it that I begin to heal. I had to take responsibility.

What about the men who where led on only to have it turned against them? Nothing is being said about them. Instead of jumping on the " Me too " bandwagon, is it not better to sit down and both sides talk about this? Isn't that how real change is made?

Irwin Shattuck, Westby