All our elected officials should be advised to do whatever is reasonable to lower the federal deficit.

We have just been notified that in 2019 we hit a $984 billion deficit, which is an annual jump of 26%. Now this is partly linked to President Donald Trump's tax cut of this year.

My opinion is that we should never grant any tax cuts that increase the federal deficit as the long-term hurt here is greater than the short-term benefit.

Politicians like the idea of tax cuts because it helps them win votes, but at what cost to the national welfare?

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If we were wise, we would tell our elected officials never to grant us tax cuts that would increase our annual deficit for that year.

Now Trump did tell us that his tax cut would not increase the deficit because of all the other gains that we would have. The facts prove him to be wrong about this.

Are we smart enough to learn what is good fiscal policy and what is foolhardy policy? Do the right thing -- cut deficits.

Jac D. Bulk, La Crosse

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