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There is a stark and obvious truth to what is happening to our country and our democracy for those citizens who can lift their heads from their labors long enough to see, listen and comprehend.

One has to look no further than our state to witness the subversion of our democracy by the entrenched powers-that-be. Having overcome computerized gerrymandering and the multitude of voter suppression tactics, the citizens of Wisconsin have voted Democratic. And the Republicans are having none of it; it is as if the “will of the people” had never happened.

Wisconsin has been a one-party state since 2010 with almost no checks and balances to prevent the rigged Republican majority from continuing to rule the state on the behalf of their wealthy campaign donors.

During this absolute reign, the Republicans have run amok destroying and disabling those institutions of democracy that serve the broader interests of all the citizens of Wisconsin.

Now in a last-ditch effort before some semblance of checks and balances are restored, the Republicans endeavor to further restrict and constrain our democracy in Wisconsin; legislating away the powers of the offices that the Democrats won. And making it more difficult to vote, and attempting to make it necessary to vote more often to maintain our democracy.

Look out, Wisconsin and America, the Republicans are gunning for our democracy -- and they are playing for keeps. The wealthiest and most powerful are destined to control us all.

Jack Degnan, La Crosse

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