As I read the La Crosse Tribune’s letters to the editor, it isn’t hard to notice a theme – partisan material comprises a large portion of its content.

Not without good reason, though, as America is experiencing the equivalent of a political headache, with party lines widening within a system that has our polity feeling as if they must choose between the lesser of two evils with every vote.

Candidates promise vast policy reform and sweeping institutional changes as supposed solutions for issues that seem unable to be remedied by cooperation and compromise.

As representatives continually fail to find common ground on key issues and perpetuate a political operation that is us-vs-them in nature, a question must be asked. Is it the institution that requires change? Or is it the individuals themselves?

As citizens, we have a duty within our society to advocate for the common good of our community in whatever way we can.

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The solution to our political turmoil is not extremization and noncooperation, but increasing representation for all people, endorsing and encouraging truthful practices, and building bridges within our government.

These changes will be accomplished by citizens and representatives alike, as an effort resulting from individuals informing their legislators that they expect ethical leadership and practices, and will vote with that expectation.

Support examples of ethical leadership, and serve as an example of these principles in whatever capacity that you can.

I have ethical expectations of my elected officials. Do you?

Jack Lawlis, La Crosse

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