James Hoban: Take steps to stop texting while driving

James Hoban: Take steps to stop texting while driving


Recently, a friend was first on the scene at a rollover accident.

A young girl was the only victim and she still had her cell phone in her hand. Last summer I saw a young man on Losey Boulevard riding a nice, new motorcycle. But he was driving really erratically. When I got up alongside him, I saw why -- he was texting.

I saw a young girl, also on Losey, zipping through traffic at 60 mph, with her cell phone in her hand.

I don’t mean to pick on young people, but this is what I’m seeing. Everyone ought to pay attention to their driving, but it appears those who most need to do so, pay the least attention. According to the CDC, nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured each day due to distracted driving.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, there is talk of using cameras to catch people texting while driving. It may be invasive, but it will save lives.

We already have red-light cameras and cameras at problem corners. Sometimes it appears that half the people driving in this town are looking at their laps, at least at stoplights.

Maybe an unmarked police car could be used to catch texters. Right now it seems the law has no teeth.

James Hoban, La Crosse


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