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Jane Little: Here's why many Catholics from around the country support Altman

From the UPDATED COLLECTION: The Altman file, full coverage, reaction since public condemnation of Democrats series

I write in support of Father James Altman and wish to express the thoughts that many faithful Catholics from around the country have with regard to his speaking out against the COVID-19 vaccines and the shuttering of our churches.

Fr. Altman speaks the plain truth, but because it is not in lockstep with political leaders as well as some church leaders, he is featured in the press in an effort to silence him. Freedom of speech is at the core of what makes this country different from any other. That freedom exists inside church walls as well. If people don’t like the message, they are free to leave the church. No one is forced to attend.

Why is it anyone who disagrees with the narrative of the government is silenced or maligned in the press? The last I knew, this is still the land of the free -- we are free to decide what’s best for ourselves, and getting or not getting an experimental vaccine is one of those decisions.

It seems only one viewpoint is allowed these days -- is this Communist China? If we’re not careful, it will be very soon.

Jane Little

Loves Park Illinois


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