The issue of illegal immigration within the United States has recently become one of the most heated debate topics across the country.

Some politicians have suggested that a wall might easily solve our immigration problems. However, illegal immigration is an incredibly complex issue that cannot be fixed with a wall.

When people picture an illegal immigrant, most of the time they are imagining an individual of Hispanic descent.

However, this idea is incorrect. About half of the U.S. illegal immigrant population are individuals from Asian and European countries that legally entered the United States and simply decided to overstay their visas.

The stereotypical idea of what an illegal immigrant looks like has helped to perpetuate the belief that a wall would be the best solution for our immigration crisis.

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The idea that a wall would prevent individuals from crossing a physical border has failed to account for this large group of illegal immigrants.

Walls have failed to work in the past. From the Great Wall of China to the Berlin Wall, walls have failed to keep people where governments or institutions want them.

People can climb over, tunnel under or otherwise navigate their way around walls.

If we continue pursuing ineffective methods in an effort to prevent a small portion of our immigrant population from illegally entering the United States, then we will continue to be unsuccessful in our pursuit of a real solution to the immigration crisis.

Jared Zwettler, La Crosse

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