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Am I naive to ask members of Congress to bring a little more reason to the current situation -- the government shutdown because of a demand for wall funding?

Both political parties bear some responsibility for not having had a thorough and deep discussion of the entire immigration issue (going back at least 18 years).

It seems very childish that the current discussion should be simply an issue of "the wall" and who is "right" on the question of whether this is the only answer.

Any intelligent person should recognize that what is needed is a full and complete discussion of all the issues regarding immigration policy and a respectful consideration of what common ground can be found and equally respectful negotiation of points of difference to find the best resolution for all parties involved.

That is what thoughtful and informed voters expect from our Congress and our president.

I ask my fellow citizens to request that their representatives and senators set aside partisanship and help provide some insightful leadership in seeking a mature process for this to happen and in reaching an equitable and rational resolution of as many of our immigration issues as possible.

Limiting the discussion to wall vs. no wall and whose fault it all is, is the equivalent of a middle school hallway showdown or that of someone trying to force a child to eat green beans and is equally pointless.

We need to demand that our elected officials do better.

Jean Hindson, La Crosse

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