Constitutional crisis? This is simply a bombastic president wanting his own way.

Obviously, something in the Mueller report or Donald Trump’s tax return contain information Trump does not want Congress to see.

The question now is what a split Congress can do about this. The House has the responsibility to check and investigate any suspicious activity of the executive branch, with the results to determine the course of action.

I would seriously doubt if this House will take any step other than investigation and attempting to make the administration look sleazy in advance of the 2020 election.

If this Congress is anything like the last few Congresses, and I have no reason to think otherwise, it will be a year of posturing, attempts to dictate the narrative, and, in the end, do nothing of substance on this issue or any other.

There are too many problems facing the country to enumerate, beginning with that pothole on State Road I hit every day to the increasing wealth gap between rich and not rich.

These issues and so many more need to be address by Congress, the statehouse or locally, but nothing will be done because of the focus on Trump and impeachment.

Solutions to this problem are obvious and very difficult.

If your congressperson, state representative or council person are not addressing the day-to-day problems they are hired to do or are simply doing nothing but collecting a paycheck, 18 months from now say, "You're fired."

Jim Myhre, La Crosse

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