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Once again we Americans are getting short-changed by the people in power in this country.

They seem to be more interested in special-interest groups than the people. We kept using antiquated rules to govern our state and federal governments.

Electing presidents using the electoral college, Daylight saving time needs to go. And the Second Amendment written more than 200 years ago, I'm pretty sure they didn't have assault weapons in mind when it was written.

OK, you can have all the muskets you want, by the time you load it I can run away. But the talk seems to be going to arming teachers, How does that make the rest of us safe?

I like to go to concerts or dinner, shouldn't I be safe, too?

The majority of the people in this country don't own guns. I have heard guns don't kill people, people kill people. Can't you say the same about cars? And they have a whole bunch of rules attached to them. So I don't see the difference.

People don't need guns to survive any more but they need cars. These guns are more like deadly adult toys and should be regulated.

Jody Volkening, La Crosse