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On Saturday with the Mississippi River stage at 10.5 feet, there was a fishing tournament, which meant that more than 100 very loud, very fast bass boats zoomed up and down the West Channel of the Mississippi starting at 6:05 a.m.

The boats started by our homes at this time, one after another for almost 30 minutes straight.

Then we put up with them all day until about 3 p.m.

The Mississippi River is no wake over 10 foot, there was not one boat that went by all day that observed the no-wake regulation.

They also violated the city of La Crescent noise ordinance and the nuisance ordinance, which nobody bothered to enforce the entire day.

Shore Acres never had this problem until La Crosse implemented a no-wake zone from the "Hiawatha" statue, down to and below the Pettibone boat club.

What is the reason for a year-round no-wake zone and to have the zone three times longer than needed.

I remember a mayor stating they would install boat docks in front of Riverside Park many years ago. No docks yet. Even if they installed docks, the ice would take them out every year. What would be wrong with starting the no-wake zone every day at about 9 a.m.? This would at least get rid of the morning rush through Shore Acres and would not violate the city of La Crescent noise and nuisance ordinances.

As it stands, the no-wake zone accomplishes nothing most of the boating season and it is entirely way too long lengthwise.

John Dickson, La Crescent