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Anyone who plays the game monopoly knows that one player becomes super rich and all of the rest go broke.

Taxes in the United States are set up as a wealth-building game — for a wealthy few. The 400 richest Americans own as much wealth as 61 percent of U.S. citizens — and their wealth is rapidly increasing.

Isn’t this a good thing? They have lots of money to invest in businesses that create American jobs?

Actually, that is not how they use their excess money. The Koch brothers are among the wealthiest 400. Last election they spent nearly $1 billion to get their candidates elected to take away affordable health care, to cut funding for education and highways, and end all talk of a livable wage.

It is more cost effective for the wealthy to buy votes than to pay taxes that could build a better society.

The wealthy know how to invest safely. Let them invest in our country and Americans. Taxes on the super rich could go directly to a wealth fund to improve society in several ways:

  • Social Security would never lack funds.
  • Medicare and Medicaid would be solvent indefinitely.
  • Affordable health care, available for all citizens.
  • Public education, free and appropriate for all learners.
  • Free and well-maintained highways.
  • Money to provide housing, food and jobs for the disadvantaged.

Tax reform can be a tool to restore wealth to ordinary Americans, to end the wealth monopoly and strengthen democracy.

John Hempstead, La Crosse