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I’m a physician living and working in La Crosse since 1991.

I see sick patients every day. When a patient is sick with cancer, there is a wealth of knowledge that is drawn upon to treat that patient.

Treatment guidelines are not perfect and are forever evolving and improved over time, but that does not mean nothing is done for someone diagnosed with cancer.

And most families accept the recommendations of the experts and proceed with treatment expeditiously knowing that waiting is not in the best interest of their loved one and humbly recognizing that challenging the experts is beyond their capabilities.

Our best scientists tell us our planet is sick as well -- and is reaching a crisis point. And that we need to act now.

Ignoring the experts, procrastinating and pretending to be able to form a valid countervailing conclusion about the climate situation is dangerous. Just like it would be dangerous to ignore the advice of the best cancer specialists in the country if a family member or friend were to become ill with cancer.

We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic photograph Earthrise taken Christmas Eve 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission.

I ask that you look it up and gaze at that photo and know that Earth, our home, floating in the darkness of space, is precious and needs our help.

Jonathan Rigden, La Crosse

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