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After reading “UW-L, WSU at low end of ethnic diversity” (Sunday's Tribune), I am compelled to speak out.

How is it students (no matter what ethnicity) would feel unsafe in their class? If I were a school employee, I would feel very offended at that accusation. Explain the specifics of unsafe treatment -- abuse, assault or just left out of class discussion because they are too shy or don’t have anything to share?

If someone makes claims they are unsafe in class, then investigate. Should charges be filed, is the professor hitting them, throwing books for not speaking -- see how ridiculous that sounds?

I recall my college days, the choice to speak out is up to each individual. That’s the benefit of adulthood -- being responsible for your choices.

I could suggest that there are even some white students who feel isolated so why spin this to be a diversity issue? Stop the pity party, engage in discussions, class activities, reach out and get involved. That article is doing nothing but feeding the flames of the diversity gap this country is in. Yes, some cases are valid, yet others are embellished, spun out of proportion and in some cases false.

If I, as an unprivileged, white person of color, (white is still a color) enrolled in an African-American or European institution then I would knowingly be the minority and if voiced a concern that I was unsafe, I wonder what that article would imply? Not being engaged, doing the work, taking the tests, fulfilling work responsibilities is an adult choice, so is effort -- that is life.

Kathy O'Neil, Holmen

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