Kent Gallaway: We must fight against white privilege

Kent Gallaway: We must fight against white privilege


President Donald Trump has revealed a white privilege mindset.

A portion of our society has been influenced by the tactic of divide and conquer.

The ruling class with its propaganda has managed to divide us by color and distracted us from realizing the real source of our dysfunction.

The elite class has a long history of repression with genocide, slavery and state-sanctioned murder.

Our military industrial complex has been holding the world hostage and has justified a nuclear arms race with Russia that has enabled us to become a world power.

So now with the wisdom of our great white fathers we have spread our military all over the world and when countries rebel against our presence, we can counter with our overwhelming force and declare we are the light of the free world.

We can fly our drones over others' air space and make claims of a dead terrorist and inconsequential "collateral damage."

Would we tolerate drones over our air space? Now these same people want to establish a space force. Our military power drives our foreign policy and our corporations profit at the expense of America and the rest of the world.

Trump has magnified our arrogance and exposed our policies of intolerance. People must ask how would we like these actions done against us, and who are we to decide what is right and wrong.

Kent Gallaway, Readstown


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