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Kevin Baird: Planning to vote for positive leaders, not current GOP

From the COLLECTION: What's on your mind? 19 letters to the editor last week series

It's been quite a year since the insurrection last January 6. Donald Trump continues his lies about the presidential election,

Republican lawmakers continue to oppose any Democratic proposal to help the American people without offering any options to seek a compromise approach, as they also continue to seek to restrict access to voting and limit social and civil rights. They also continue to deny the facts of the insurrection and seek to convince America it wasn't a big deal.

Our democratic system has never faced such adversity in finding common ground to help America move forward with a shared goal of cooperation and care for each other. It seems that we've been engaged in a subversive civil war since Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell told then President Obama that he was determined to make him a one term president.

Obstructionism and the refusal to compromise began in earnest then and President #45 took things to a new level with his bullying and harsh criticism of anyone who spoke truths about him. The current atmosphere in our government is so toxic now from all of the lies and suppression that Republican policies are pushing that it's difficult for any helpful proposal to gain footing.

Now the article today saying the Republican Party is hoping for a resurgence, and I have to ask, "Why?" What have they done to promote confidence and hope that they have a positive outlook for our country? I will vote for and support positive leaders, not current Republicans.

Kevin Baird



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