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Where has our moral and ethical compass gone for many of our elected leaders?

As the year draws to a close, I wonder what the new year will bring. We have a president who is constantly stirring the pot of anger and divisiveness with his tweets and bullying, erratic behavior.

We have Republicans in our national government who are trying to ramrod through in a matter of a few days tax reform that is damaging to a majority of Americans in the long-term, and they are trying to tell us we're better off regardless.

We have Republicans at the national and state levels who are trying to strip environmental safeguards seemingly on a daily basis. We have a special Senate election taking place in Alabama soon where the statement has been made, "We need to elect a Republican here no matter what."

I wonder where our sense of compassion, sense of common decency, and just plain common sense has gone with these leaders.

The principle that we are one united people who look out for each other for the common good seems to be replaced now with an us/them approach; where the desires of the few outweigh the needs of the many for those who make important decisions that affect all of us. How terribly sad.

This is not the America we should be turning into. Next year will have its challenges. I wonder what direction these leaders will point us toward - working together or pulling apart?

Kevin Baird, Holmen