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A shooting suspect out on jail on a $2,500 cash bond is legal.

However, it is not favored by La Crosse Police Assistant Chief Rob Abraham or Chief Ron Tischer.

A serious offender has the potential to kill or inflict serious harm upon any citizen, including police officers. Life is cheap to that type of person.

In contrast to crime, police values rely on community-oriented policing to reinforce safety and security values for all citizens. When we value their duties, we have built community pride and peaceful relationships.

If the issue of low bond is a right for offenders, the offender's rights do not outweigh police input on bonds.

Does the accused have a right to low bond if he or she has murdered anyone, such as a cop, or a judge's family?

It is true one can get out on bond for capital murder. Judges can listen and take the advice of their esteemed policing counterparts. If this is a repetitive issue, then new values can be made.

Resolutions can be shared by the legal professionals in our county who get elected and cooperate. It takes me by surprise that the great amount of legal talents on the bench hasn't changed faces over time.

Judicial elections held in La Crosse do not always attract candidates, which would be an important improvement. I have attended intake court to observe the order of the courtroom. Some of the judges have held office for a long time.

Kurt Nelson, Brownsville, Minn.

Editor's note: The four judges seeking re-election this spring in La Crosse County are unopposed. One of those, Circuit Court Judge Ramona Gonzalez, issued remarks from the bench recently after criticism from police about setting bond. You can find her remarks at

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