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When 330 judges across the state of Wisconsin endorse a candidate for the Supreme Court, that tells you that the candidate is pretty special.

On that list of judges, you will find the names of every current and retired La Crosse judge as we lend our support for Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer for the Supreme Court.

As a practicing lawyer for 20 years and Appeals Court judge for 11 years, Lisa Neubauer has proven herself to be fair, impartial and independent.

That’s why 98 percent of the judges who have made an endorsement in this race are supporting her.

She also has the support of more than 80 Democratic and Republican sheriffs and district attorneys.

She keeps politics out of the courtroom and has no agenda except to follow the rule of law.

In these divided political times, Judge Neubauer occupies a unique role as a judge who works well with her colleagues, lawyers and court officials. That’s because she isn’t a “liberal” or “conservative” – she is simply a hard-working, intelligent judge who decides cases based upon the facts, not her own preconceived notions of what the law should be.

Among us, we have decades of experience in the courtroom. We know that it is important for the highest court in our state to regain its reputation as one of the best in the country for fairness and integrity. We believe that Judge Lisa Neubauer is the right person for that role, and we encourage your support for her in the election for Supreme Court Justice.

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This letter was submitted by Judge Ramona Gonzalez, Judge Scott Horne, Judge Todd Bjerke, Judge Elliot Levine, Judge Gloria Doyle, and retired Judges Dennis Montabon, Michael Mulroy, John Perlich, Dale Pasell and Roger LeGrand.