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In 2013, U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin signed a United Nations bill creating a ban on the import and export of all small guns. This bill was originally signed by Secretary of State John Kerry, authorized by President Obama, agreeing to the the United Nations Treaty Bill eliminating all gun import or export.

This bill almost passed the U.S. Senate by a narrow margin. Forty-six Democrat senators, not one Republican, voted for the bill. Baldwin's was the first name at the top of the list of Democrats. If the bill would have been ratified, it would have been devastating for every gun owner, hunter, sportsmen, collector and citizen in Wisconsin and America.

I really believe the U.N. bill was just an effort to create an “open door” for Tammy to bring more gun-control options into her portfolio. What will she do next?

Larry Quillin, La Crosse

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