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Last month, as we watched a disgraceful partisan spectacle in Madison that put the desires of politicians ahead of the electoral directives of the people of Wisconsin, it was great to see our Vernon County Board of Supervisors step up and take action.

At its December meeting, the board unanimously approved a motion to put an advisory referendum on our April ballot. The referendum simply asks: Should the Wisconsin Legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for preparing legislative and congressional redistricting plans?

Nonpartisan is the key word.

Finally, voters will have the opportunity to send a message that we expect fairness and transparency in the way voting maps are drawn. That didn’t happen during the last redistricting in 2011, and with every election since then we’ve seen the dire results. Legislators don’t listen to constituents because they don’t have to when districts aren’t competitive and they face zero consequences at election time.

When something’s broke, you fix it. For years, our elected representatives have broken the public trust and weaponized the redistricting process for political gain. If nothing else, Wisconsin’s lame-duck session was a wake-up call that it’s time we – the people – use our power at the polls and say enough is enough. A nonpartisan redistricting process would be a great start.

Here’s a suggested new year’s resolution: Circle April 2 on your 2019 calendar and vote yes on this referendum. Democracy needs you.

Leslie Wegener, Stoddard

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