Today we are in a drug epidemic with drugs all around us.

In high school settings, drugs, such as steroids, are being taken that give some athletes an advantage to how they perform. This may not sound like something that happens, but at my school with around 300 in my graduating class in central Wisconsin, I knew of three athletes in just one sport who were using steroids.

Drugs aren’t affecting all student-athletes, but give those who are using an unfair advantage. With use of marijuana, the user’s eyes become bloodshot, which is an easy way to tell if they’ve used marijuana. Steroids, however, don’t have any visible signs of use, which is why schools should drug test their athletes.

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Along with trying out for a sport, the athlete must pay $50. On average, drug tests cost $25; this would allow the coach to drug test the athlete twice at random. Being that the tests would be random, this may keep the student-athletes from doing drugs.

As administrators, you have the power and ability to keep drugs out of high school athletics.

Madison Nelles, La Crosse

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