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There is a massive attack on state's rights underway that many are not aware of.

U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa has introduced an amendment to the Farm Bill that could strip states of the power to pass their own laws regarding food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection, labor standards, promotion of local agriculture and more -- almost any state or local law adopted regarding agriculture could be wiped out by the King amendment.

The King amendment was recently added to the Farm Bill and would prevent states from setting their own standards on the production of a variety items. It could force us to accept food from states with lower standards of food production and undercuts our farmers and our laws. It is our constitutional right as a state to decide for ourselves what we want to end up in our grocery stores and on our tables.

Please let Rep. Ron Kind and Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson know we want to keep our food safe, our businesses protected from this assault on our freedoms as a state.

Congress must reject the massive federal overreach of the King Amendment and any similar attack on duly-enacted state and local measures.

Margaret Webster, La Crosse

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