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Arming teachers is not the answer.

While most teachers are good people, if child molesters still manage to get hired, what's to say an armed teacher isn't a threat?

Marco Rubio feels that if someone wants to commit a crime, tougher laws won't stop them. So following the same logic, if someone wants to commit a crime, arming teachers won't deter them, either.

And if arming teachers does stop school shooters, does that fix the problem? Will shooters move on to hospitals or workplaces? Should we arm nurses and accountants next? Will we not be happy until everyone is armed and we revert to the Wild West rules?

And if everyone has a gun, do we still need to pay for police? And will insurance premiums go up? Smokers pay higher rates because of related health problems, so shouldn't gun owners have to pay higher rates to cover the costs of gun violence?

Where does it end? Why can't we have stricter laws? Why are people allowed to carry around deadly weapons whose sole purpose is to hurt and maim, but people get ticketed for not wearing a seat belt, and the only person that hurts is the driver.

I don't think handing out more guns to the population is the solution, unless the problem is population control.

Nicki Snyder, Buffalo City