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When is someone going to do something to stop the horror of being hit by a careless driver in the intersection of Hwy. 16 and the Interstate 90 off-ramp in Onalaska?

I have seen the remains of damage from crashes I did not see happen and have myself been hit in that intersection five years ago.

A texting driver hit my car when I was turning left from I-90 onto Hwy. 16. They were in what I call the Aldi lane. Since that lane was put in, many cars have run the red light, luckily not hitting anyone, but on Feb. 22 I saw another speeding vehicle in the deadly Aldi lane, T-bone another unsuspecting driver turning left from the I-90 off-ramp.

When the other two lanes are stopped, one can not fully see the Aldi lane or if someone is not going to stop, especially if you are in a compact car.

I think the turn lane for Aldi starts too soon and should be after the signal or yellow warning lights in that lane when the light is going to turn red. At least we will have a better chance of not being hit than nothing at all.

It brought back vivid memory of my trauma when I saw and heard the crash before me. I am still shaking from head to toe.

Please, someone do something to stop the emotional and physical carnage.

Pam Field, Sparta