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There’s talk about getting rid of the noble "Hiawatha" statue.

There is further dialogue that in front of La Crosse City Hall there may be placed a statue that depicts a child emerging from a cracked egg-shell.

Mindless, to say the least.

Well, I believe if that abomination is allowed, the politically correct faultfinders will come out in droves — and say something like: “Is the city of La Crosse insulting dark-skinned people and implying they hatch from eggs, not born of the womb? Is the kid looking for its mother who flew the coop?”

The symbolism is infinitely negative.

If the city wants a baby-statue, put one up along with the heroic mother symbol. Maybe have the father in the background nuanced with a few wise me and some sheep. Hey, a bright light representing a star above would be a nice touch. Who knows; something good may come out of it — such as, dare I say, family values?

I am sure Anthony Zimmerhakl had no identity politics in mind when he sculptured the gallant "Hiawatha." What a superb work of art; not a post-modernist work of art.

Paul Bonadurer, La Crosse