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U.S. military intervention in Venezuela would be a move against democracy.

Some claim that we should intervene, but it is not up to imperialist-minded bureaucrats in the United States to make decisions for the Venezuelan people.

The current government and the opposition party both have significant public support, and the situation will only get worse as other nations interfere in a foreign nation that has every right to national sovereignty.

The United States has a long, bloody history of supporting dictators and overthrowing democratically elected governments in South America, from Guatemala in 1954 to Brazil in 1964 to Chile in 1973, just to name a few.

It is entirely understandable that any foreign country would be wary of U.S. intervention in its political affairs.

U.S. intervention will only polarize the current conflict further and escalate tensions. Venezuela has a rightful claim to $1.2 billion in gold that the Bank of England refuses to return in an effort to destabilize the current government, which is exacerbating mass starvation and lack medical care.

A total of 24.7 percent of eligible voters selected Nicolas Maduro in 2018, even with the opposition boycotting the election. Donald Trump received 26.5 percent and Hillary Clinton 27.3 percent in 2016.

It is clear that as far as public support goes, Maduro is as legitimate as our current leaders in the U.S.

The only decent course of action for the U.S. is to stay out of the conflict in Venezuela and provide unconditional humanitarian aid directly to the people.

Peter Gorski, La Crosse

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