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As I read the article "Walker seeks stability," (Tribune, Jan. 21) I was impressed once again by Gov. Scott Walker's skill for getting re-elected.

After so many years of opposing Obamacare, the fact that he would flip-flop to support the program today is an indicator to me that public opinion is changing.

More and more, folks in our state are tired of seeing people financially wounded and even stressed into bankruptcy because of inadequate availability of affordable health care. They wonder why their government can't do more to protect them, and Gov. Walker has picked up on these shifting attitudes. He knows that he has to follow to some degree the changing sentiments of his electorate.

I would like to say, "This is good; late is better than never." But what really worries me about Gov. Walker is all the campaign financial support that he receives from out-of-state donors and from large corporate interests. It is impossible for this support to come to him without expectations for return on an investment. And Gov. Walker is certainly one to know where his support comes from. He is one who checks the wind of his support base and goes where it blows. I am mostly concerned that our governor is one who follows, not one who leads. Our elected officials need to be free of big-money interests and able to hear the voices of all, as we create the kind of state that serves the people.

Peter Gorski, La Crosse