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As police chief of the La Crosse Police Department, I am proud to support Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin, bipartisan legislation to place additional victims’ rights in the state Constitution and strengthen existing rights so that victims’ rights are not automatically trumped in the courtroom by those of their attackers.

I want to thank Sen. Jennifer Shilling and other local legislators for their support of this important legislation.

Wisconsin has a proud tradition of leading on victims’ rights, and Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is the natural next step. It will help victims get justice, encourage more people to come forward, and help us hold criminals accountable. Every day, the La Crosse Police Department works to keep our community safe. I recognize that supporting Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin is going to truly impact La Crosse and our state.

This bipartisan legislation has passed key hurdles in the Legislature and was approved with wide support from lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. However, there are many more votes to go to make this a reality. In order to amend our state Constitution and guarantee victims’ rights like those criminals already have, Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin must be passed twice in the Legislature and then supported at the ballot box by voters.

Please join me in thanking local legislators for making victims’ rights a priority and ask them to quickly pass Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin next session.

Ron Tischer, La Crosse

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