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President Donald Trump is a national disgrace. He seems incapable of telling the truth and leading our country, and it’s no wonder many people think he’s a sexist, a racist, a bigot and a narcissist.

The president’s actions make it seem like he doesn’t care about Americans. Trump even turned the recent mass shooting at a Florida high school into a story about him when he blamed the FBI for not thwarting the shooter because agents were spending too much time investigating his Russian connections. It’s just disgusting.

Now Trump has failed to protect the nation and fulfill his oath to uphold the Constitution. U.S. intelligence agencies say Russians have launched cyber attacks against us, but the president will not acknowledge this fact. Instead, he fails to fully enact the sanctions members of Congress nearly unanimously told him to impose.

Trump’s comments about Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is a murderer and a tyrant, also are troubling. Trump’s tyrannical behavior includes attacks on the judiciary, the free press and our intelligence agencies, while taking the word of Putin.

It boggles the mind that some Republicans can stand behind him and support this delusional behavior. It’s time Trump be impeached for failing to fulfill his constitutional duties to protect the United States.

Ronald Fitzpatrick, La Crosse