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Ronald Geurkink: Don't blindly back the badge

Ronald Geurkink: Don't blindly back the badge


Back The Badge! That's the rallying slogan for law and order,

We have watched too many police in our country casually execute citizens who display resistance.

There apparently are no creative, humane alternatives for police to consider besides immediately executing the resistant suspect.

We see three or more cops playing out a game of follow-the-leader, looking like brainless, untrained automatons as they thoughtlessly, casually end the life of a suspect who resists arrest.

Oh, the police were not wearing body cams? Of course they were not. Visual evidence might contradict their "official" story.

Oh, it will take a long time to perform an investigation of the murder of that citizen suspect? Of course it will. Months. Maybe years. It will take as long as it takes for folks to forget about that police murder, in the wake of a dozen more in the coming months.

The police penalty for resisting arrest may be execution. Doesn't matter if the suspect is drunk, or a child, or mentally deficient, or suffering from dementia, or deafness. The result might be death on the spot, especially, but not necessarily, if you are un-white.

Some police simply enforce the law with their guns.. No judge or jury needed.

You'd better Back the Badge, because the badge is too often what weak, vicous, sadistic police officers hide behind.

The badge must have unconditional backing to continue wanton executions of recalcitrant or just unlucky citizen suspects.


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