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One of Gov. Scott Walker’s greatest failures has been letting infrastructure, that is clearly the responsibility of the state, go to pot.

He left us with no choice but to contemplate a wheel tax. If the city decides to reconstruct La Crosse Street because we cannot wait for the state to resurface it in 2025, it will cost us about $12 million. To make matters worse, 3rd and 4th Streets, also state roads in desperate need of repair, are not even on his radar.

He is all about tax cuts because they buy him votes, especially just before re-elections, but it’s irresponsible to keep cutting taxes while state roads deteriorate.

Driving on torn-up, crumbling roads means all of us have to replace our tires sooner or have our vehicles re-aligned more frequently. Waiting to repair roads is more expensive than maintaining them in the first place. The longer we wait, the worse the roads get and the more expensive the project.

Walker has been in office way too long. He has taken us backward. He has proven he cannot do the job, and it’s our responsibility to replace him.

Tony Evers is smart, has integrity and has proven himself as superintendent of Public Instruction. He’s ready for a promotion to governor.

Rose White, La Crosse

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