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After spending the morning of Dec. 10 hiking in Hixon, I came home to read the guest column by Paul Blazevich calling for a more transparent approach to the work being done in Hixon Forest.

I very much agree with him. Much of the forest has been altered significantly with old trails destroyed and new trails made or in the making.

I understand that Hixon is part of the effort to make La Crosse a biking destination, but as someone who has hiked, snowshoed and skied in Hixon for years, I am frustrated and disheartened by the destruction of the old Hixon.

I believe the Park and Recreation Department is responsible for approving these changes. What is the final plan, and how are these decisions being made?

Hixon is an invaluable community resource that is undergoing major changes with too little public input. I am afraid it may be too late for discussion.

Ruth Devitt, La Crosse

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