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I grew up hunting, although I haven’t for some time now, and I own quite a few guns, safely locked up where only I know where the keys are hidden.

I have a few points to ponder concerning gun control:

• I have yet to hear anyone who is trying to take our hunting weapons away, so why is that even a point of discussion?

• No ethical hunter would hunt with an AR-15 or similar weapon, so why are we selling them?

• No ethical hunter would use a clip capable of holding 100, 50 or even 20 rounds, so why are we selling them?

• No hunter is going to wait until the day before the season opens to buy guns and ammunition, so what is wrong with having a waiting period?

• If we think buying alcohol is too dangerous for 18-year-olds, why are we allowing them to purchase guns?

• Does anyone really think that when the Second Amendment was passed by our forefathers, they anticipated that weapons like the AR-15 were necessary as the arms to bear? They were talking about muzzleloaders back then, weren’t they?

What has happened to plain old common sense in this country?

Scott A. Lee, Trempealeau