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Sister Rosalita Bauer: Accepting others, making a difference

Sister Rosalita Bauer: Accepting others, making a difference


I appreciated the November 3 article, "Collaborating Across Differences." It stated that the chickens in a yard simply accepted a turkey that was with them. They ate together, drank water together; the chickens accepted the turkey. 

Would our society simply accept persons whom we view as different, be it race, color or creed. Just as a song: red, black, yellow or white, all people are the same in the Good Lord's sight. Some people live graciously and wholeheartedly apparently or "not seeing" the differences. With no Black person in La Crosse, I never gave color a thought. Except when I learned there was a hill in La Crosse County named "nigger hill."  It was said a Negro had lived there. I never bothered to check further.

While attending Marycrest College in Davenport, Iowa, before Viterbo College offered a B.S.N., I was always assigned to be with Juanita for our Community Health Nursing Experiences. Juanita was the only person of color in our class of 26 students. For all of our community experiences, we were assigned to an area where all the people were "black." So even more conscious of her being black, until, laughing, I suddenly realized that I never thought of her skin color. I shared this. Juanita, still laughing, said, "Oh Rosalita, I forgot you're pale white a long time ago."

Recently I read Ron Hall's and David Moore's book "Same kind of different as me" and "What difference do it make." Ron married Deborah who always saw "the person," never seeing people who were homeless, some living in wretched conditions. Only because Ron, now a millionaire, a lifestyle he aspires to emulate, did he go, hoping to return as did Deborah. Davd, being homeless, was frequently invited to the Halls' home, being at first very uncomfortable, then being invited to become "one of my family."

You need to read these books to indeed learn, "what difference do it make?" 

Sister Rosalita Bauer, F.S.P.A.

La Crosse 


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