I read with interest the articles “Skilled Help Wanted” (Oct. 19 Tribune) and “A Care Worker Crisis” and “Labor Shortage Hurting the Economy (Nov. 3 Tribune).

Similar articles in other publications have talked about the need and suggested that the cause was retiring baby boomers; declining birth rates; the general outmigration of graduates; and, the lack of people moving to the Upper Midwest to fill the various vacancies.

What to do?

Whether or not the migration of people in the country will change and the Midwest will grow remains to be seen.

Sex for procreation rather than recreation may not change much from the current trend. Thus the real solution is encouraging immigration rather than restricting. (Note: I am talking about legal immigration that we should spend money on to expedite rather than restrict by building walls.)

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We should welcome hard-working immigrants who are willing to take jobs in the agricultural and service sectors that many Americans won’t consider. The trades -- construction, electricians, plumbers -- can also benefit.

Given the opportunity, some might become doctors or teachers. This will also result in more income taxes and a demand for products and services, thus stimulating the economy.

Just as our ancestors came here to settle the area and build a better future, today’s immigrants, if given the opportunity, will do the same and we will all be better for it.

Stephen Mau, La Crescent

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