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One of the many reasons I support Mike McCabe for governor is that he has set strict limits on the contributions he will take from individual donors.

The people of Wisconsin should know that there are two big implications of this policy. First, when Mike is elected he will not be obliged to the big- moneyed interests that have come to control so much of our political life. But, second, the fall campaign will see the airwaves dominated by paid messages supporting Mike’s opponent (and likely maligning Mike as well).

What you will hear about Mike through normal news coverage — and in the debates — will be his positive plans for making government serve all of the people. (He does not and will not malign his opponent.)

Is this, as some say, “a formula for defeat?” I don’t think so. I think that people understand that those who pay for political ads expect a payback. I also think that the people of Wisconsin are eager to find the kind of different way that Mike McCabe is offering us in the fall.

I saw a bumper sticker recently: "Politicians should dress like race car drivers so we'd know who their corporate sponsors are." Mike McCabe wears blue jeans and has let the corporations know he is "un-purchasable."

It is time for us to go beyond "business as usual" and I think the majority of the citizens of Wisconsin understand this and are ready to do so.

Stephen Minnema, La Crosse

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