Steven Manson: Trump has botched virus response

Steven Manson: Trump has botched virus response


As a physician, I find President Donald Trump's flawed leadership skills to be manifest with his botched COVID-19 response.

He claimed it to be a "foreign" virus, but microbes know no nationalities or boundaries.

Trump said we might get "about 12 cases" in the United States, but modeling of worst-case scenarios predicts more than a million times that.

He claimed it a "hoax," but it has now stricken hundreds of thousands worldwide and counting -- including in La Crosse County.

He said there would be a vaccine and treatment "in a few months," which is physically impossible.

Trump claimed to know nothing about closing the agency responsible for pandemic management, but is on record talking about why he did so.

His emergency declaration came after public health authorities (including the person who headed the Ebola containment program) stated this should have happened a month ago.

He appointed a czar (Vice President Mike Pence) and adviser (son-in-law Jared Kushner) who have no public health or microbiology background to lead the work.

China instituted a rapid response of testing and containment, and their cases peaked two weeks after numbers started to rise due to these efforts.

Trump claims that his efforts have contained the spread in the U.S., and by the above mathematical model, we should be reaching that peak. If this fails to happen, which looks exceedingly likely, then he is wrong about his plan.

Trump's leadership style of intimidation and misinformation may work with humans, but not against germs. Lesson learned - don't believe what he says.

Steven Manson, La Crosse



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