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In reference to the letter from Peter Gorski of La Crosse (Sunday's Tribune) concerning reparations to African-Americans in the United States, reparations to slaves' heirs is an admirable gesture, although I (and I think many others) have some valid questions concerning such reparations:

1. Would you suggest these proposed reparations be paid to all black people, even those whose forefathers were not slaves? There were some black people who moved to this country after slavery was abolished. Not every black person who was here during the time of slavery was a slave, and there were a few black people who were slave owners (should their heirs receive reparations?).

2. Would you suggest that all white people pay these reparations? Not all white people's forefathers were slave owners, Many white people moved to this country after slavery was abolished, and some white people helped black people escape slavery.

3. Would these proposed reparations be paid equally to all black people, so those who have been successful and have become wealthy would receive the same as those who are struggling financially?

4. Would these proposed reparations be collected from all white people equally, whether wealthy or living below the poverty level?

5. How many years and billions of dollars would be required to do this much research, and who would pay for that?

Just some questions I believe should be answered by the people supporting this proposal.

Steven Thompson, La Crescent

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