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Labor Day is a chance to recognize all the gains that organized labor has made for working people.

However, corporations, and the politicians who are in their pocket, are taking the gains of the last century away. Today’s economy is the most rigged against working people since the dark days of corporate robber barons. That’s not by accident. Politicians in the pocket of big business have written the economic rules to favor foreign companies instead of the American people.

The solution is to give working people more freedom to join together with their co-workers in strong unions. When workers stand together and demand change, they win better pay, stable benefits and secure retirement.

Our unions in Wisconsin have fought, and continue to fight, for the right to work hard for a decent living, the freedom to attend a parent-teacher conference, and the security to retire with dignity.

It’s time for politicians to stop rigging the rules for the wealthy and instead support the workers and unions that built this great country. Together, we can reverse stagnant wages and poor benefits by ensuring workers have the freedom to stand together and demand change in their workplaces with a union.

Sue Conard, La Crosse