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A common concern among American conservatives is, “I don’t want the government managing my health care.” Do you know who’s managing your health care now?

In America, many profit-driven health insurance companies do. They list their “network” facilities as the ones you have to use. They’ll tell you which services they cover, what the limits are on that coverage, how long you can continue your treatment whether it’s completed or not, and how much more coverage will cost for a pre-existing condition, or if they will even cover a pre-existing condition.

The Affordable Care Act requires that insurance companies do cover pre-existing conditions and cannot discontinue coverage for an extended-term treatment program. Want those mandates taken away?

Health care should be set up to provide a humanitarian service, period. In the United States, though, it’s set up to take advantage of patients who often have no choice to provide profits for insurance companies, medical facilities and, especially, the pharmaceutical industry.

Concerned that “socialism will take over our country and make us a dictatorship like Venezuela?” No, it won’t. England, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada and dozens of other free countries have universal health care and do just fine. And the World Health Organization rates France as having the world’s best quality health care, with Canada at number 30 and the U.S. at number 37. Yet we have the highest prices for medical care in the world.

Human lives should be the most important factor here, not profit. Shouldn’t we fix that?

Terry Schmeckpeper, Onalaska

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