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What we are doing isn’t working, folks.

For years, we have seen the proliferation of high-powered weapons in our country, accompanied by decreased regulation of guns. The recent horrific gun violence in Texas, and before that, Las Vegas, is the predictable result.

Now would be a great time to consider a different approach.

Let’s start a conversation about serious efforts to reduce gun violence, rather than trying to score political points. Let’s put aside our fears and at least consider common-sense options such as increased restriction of assault weapons and universal background checks.

If this is a mental-health issue, then for God’s sake let’s control access to guns for people with a history of serious mental illness, violence and abuse. We are a great civilized country, and we should be able to protect our own citizens.

One thing is for certain: If we fail to act, we will continue to see mass shootings in our communities, and more lives sacrificed on the altar of the Second Amendment.

Thomas Londergan, La Crosse

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