Tom Schlesinger: Your climate action counts

Tom Schlesinger: Your climate action counts


About 70% of Americans now believe that human activity is causing climate change.

About half of Americans believe that action is urgently needed, and two-thirds of Americans think the government should do more to fight climate change.

Spoiler Alert: If we all wait until Republicans and Democrats can agree on how to deal with the threat of climate change, it will be too late. Current estimates are that we have less than a 12-year window to avoid the most drastic effects of climate change.

If you are unsure about the imminent threat climate change poses, do a web search for "NASA climate change evidence." Then ask yourself if you are willing to gamble the future well-being of your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews by not acting.

You can make a difference. Your single most powerful tool is your vote. Contact your legislators in Congress and demand climate action. On Election Day, vote for candidates you feel will co-sponsor and support climate change legislation.

Economists and scientists agree, our most effective lever to fight climate change is a tax on carbon emissions. Investigate and urge Congress to support H.R. 763.

Take actions as individuals and households to reduce your carbon footprint. Again, search the internet to find out how.

Talk with your friends, neighbors and co-workers about climate change. While we typically shy away from social discussions of politics and religion, climate change should not be political. It is a threat to every living thing on earth.

Tom Schlesinger, La Crosse 


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