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Tom Weidert: Jan. 6 should not be compared to other attacks on Americans

I rarely write letters to papers, but I am so fed up with the grandstanding over the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol that I have to respond. My last straw was when your columnist referred to Jan. 6 as a “Day that will live in infamy, rivaling Pearl Harbor.” What?!!!

So the Jan. 6 rivaled the two attacks at the World Trade Center that killed thousands on 9/11? Rivaled the attacks on the Pentagon, the Boston Marathon bombings, Benghazzi, deaths of Americans at Kabul airport, and numerous attacks on Americans throughout the world? What a shameful and irresponsible statement to make. This is a total insult to those who died or were wounded in these attacks.

Did "rioters" burn down or blow up the Capitol and kill a bunch of politicians? Five people died. four were natural causes. One was an unarmed female shot by Capitol Police

So why is every person arrested on Jan. 6 being exposed on national news? Their charges and sentencing profiled as a warning to all.

Yet during the BLM riots over 25 people died, 700 Police officers were injured, billions of dollars in damage and business’ burned, looted, lost, moved or closed. 16,000 arrested, but not charged. Cops now quitting. No story there?

I took Jan. 6 as a day the silent majority got fed up with a corrupt government. I wish it never happened, but I get it. Somehow, we have to find a way to work together.

Tom Weidert



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