Vernal Hegenbart: Criticism of pro-life letters is unwarranted

Vernal Hegenbart: Criticism of pro-life letters is unwarranted


David Blackey makes several absolutely ridiculous statements in his letter, (Tribune, Sept. 8).

Blackey claims to be both “pro-choice “ and “pro-life.” That’s tantamount to being legally blind but insisting that you have perfect eyesight.

Blackey is aggressively accusatory in his criticism of Christoper Ruff and Carrie Teegarden because they defend unborn babies and oppose killing them in the womb (Sept. 9 Tribune).

He says he finds the term “unborn” to be inappropriate. Well, of course he does. To find it appropriate would require that he admit that the life taken in abortion is truly human and worthy of protection.

Blackey contends that Ruff and Teegarden are only concerned about babies before they are born and are unconcerned about born children. That is such a tired, old argument.

What he fails to understand is that to be truly pro-life you must be concerned about the welfare of every person from conception to natural death.

Most abortions take place after the baby’s heart is beating. Those of us who are truly pro-life call that the killing of a fully human being.

Blackey asks if Ruff and Teegarden have donated to Save the Children and UNICEF. I would hope not because they both defend a woman’s right to choose, that is abortion on demand.

David Blackey is in denial about the reality of abortion and resorts to attacking those who defend life. Both Ruff and Teegarden believe that the commandment “Thou shall not kill” should be taken seriously. Blackey would do well to do the same.

Vernal Hegenbart, Sparta


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