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Wayde Lawlor: Vernon County resolution off base

Wayde Lawlor: Vernon County resolution off base

From the COLLECTION: Vernon County residents sound off on '2nd Amendment' resolution series

Our country stands at a crossroads. A violent mob invaded the Capitol building with the express intent of overturning the presidential election. In the process, five people lost their lives, countless laws were broken, and the Constitution - the document these insurrectionists claim to cherish so dearly - was buried in a sea of MAGA hats and conspiracy theories.

This lawless riot was openly solicited by the president and condoned by many of his enablers. Considering themselves above the laws that have governed our country for nearly 250 years, they sought to impose by force what they could not achieve by legal means.

Lest we think this assault on the rule of law confined to a few extremists, I urge you to reflect on the “2nd Amendment Preservation” resolution being considered by the Vernon County Board. It too pays lip service to freedom and the Constitution. It too openly undermines the rule of law and Constitutional limits on the power of elected officials - in this case the County Board.

The resolution states that the County Board “opposes” - without defining that term - any and all “additional regulations regarding the possession of and use of any firearms,” disregarding the board’s complete lack of jurisdiction on the matter and that the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the constitutionality of such regulations.

My question then is: Does the Vernon County Board consider itself above the law? Is the board prepared to accept liability for the lawlessness this resolution invites? 

Wayde Lawlor



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