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I am writing in support of Coulee Recovery Center’s expansion and asking the proposed neighborhood to proceed with compassion.

My wife and I have lived down the alley from Coulee for more than a decade. We recall no repercussions for living so close.

Yes, we have some cars parking on the street in front of our home during well-attended meeting times, foot traffic in the neighborhood, sometimes socializing and informal support after meetings, none of which interrupts our daily schedule as much as living down the alley from fast food, Walgreens, and Mayo.

Constant traffic and litter in front of our house, repairing a fence after a hooligan running to escape police busted through, and local employees taking up space for eight hours.

We support Coulee's new planned home -- not because we don’t want them in our neighborhood. We recognize the need for updated space.

La Crosse is no stranger to the consequences of addiction, from river deaths, alcohol and drug-related deaths, drunken driving and the burden to relationships broken and ended.

We need a place that embraces individuals, families and businesses that need support. Be proud we have Coulee in our community; many are not so lucky.

This is an opportunity to think beyond ourselves and about our greater community. This is about the health of all people, and doing the right thing.

We ask our representatives on City Council to do what is right for our community; vote in support of the new Coulee location.

Willem Van Roosenbeek, La Crosse