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It was more than ironic that Vicki Burke's letter, "Lewd behavior is appalling" (referring to the behavior of Republicans President Trump and Senate candidate Roy Moore), was published Sunday — the same day the Tribune's headline and lead story was in reference to Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken's similarly appalling behavior.

I write in response to Burke not because I disagree with the tenor of her letter (all lewd behavior is, in fact, appalling) but because of her sanctimonious statements suggesting that Democrats are above such behavior and stand for everything good and pure while Republicans are beneath contempt.

As former chair of the La Crosse County Democratic Party, her views are not surprising. I am not a member of the Republican Party but am conservative by nature. In 2016, neither the Republicans or Democrats offered this country presidential candidates worthy of the office. For that reason, I did not vote for either presidential candidate for the first time in my 67 years.

Burke's scornful statements about supporters of President Trump and her lumping them together as having "low regard for the truth" and "high regard for men who condone sexual assault against women" underscores why both the Republican and Democratic parties (and Congress) are held in such low esteem by a very large portion of this country's electorate.

Burke's reference to "sexual assault against women" and "low regard for truth" is disingenuous at best. I guess it depends on the color (red or blue) of the fleas of the dog you lie down with that determine whether they bite.

William Beres, Onalaska

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