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William Reed: In support of Tom Nelson for Senate

From the COLLECTION: What's on your mind? 19 letters to the editor last week series

Top 10 reasons Why Tom Nelson should be our next US senator -- with apologies to David Letterman

1. Experienced politician: Active in Wisconsin politics since 2005. Has been elected six times as county executive of Outagamie County.

2. Hard worker: Canvassed 72 Wisconsin counties in 72 days last summer

3. Not rich: How can we expect the well-off to understand or represent those who live paycheck to paycheck, or whose livelihood depends on a given harvest?

4. Knowledgeable: Currently hold a Master's degree in Public Administration. six years in Wisconsin State Assembly

5. Taxpayer: Tom has not been accused of misusing tax breaks, failing to pay state income tax, or not filing a return.

6. Accomplished and passionate: Fights for programs to benefit Wisconsinites.

7. Respected: Nelson is a Democrat who has repeatedly  been elected as the county executive in a primarily Republican county of Wisconsin.

8. Negotiator: Was able to work with the local labor union and the courts to save an Appleton paper mill from receivership.

9. Informed: Tom talks to everyone! The reason for his 72-county tour was so that he could meet and interact with Wisconsinites across the spectrum.

10. Media shy: Are you tired of your politicians with their foot in their mouth? Tom is the candidate that you have never heard of. He doesn't seek media attention. He does not make outlandish misstatements about medical issues, doesn't make baseless election claims, he studies each issue carefully and then speaks his mind.

William Reed



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