Big Blue Dragon Boat Races

Team Beron place pink carnations in the water to honor all those who have lost their battle with breast cancer or are still living with this disease and those who are in remission. The team races in honor of West Salem teacher Krista Beron who passed away in 2017 from breast cancer.

Forty teams of 18 paddlers each hit the waters of the Black River off Copeland Park on Saturday to raise money for the Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare’s Center for Breast Care and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse healthy lifestyles programming.

Dragon boat racing, which dates back more than 2,500 years in China, features colorful, canoe-like boats that are 40 to 50 feet long, decorated like dragons. Here are Saturday’s final race results:

Community Division D final

1. The Knotty Pirates (1:25.13)

2. Dragon Fly (1:26.53)

3. Rotary Works Foundation (1:29.25)

4. O.R. Cut Ups (1:30.04)

Corporate Division C final

1. Paddling in Circles (1:27.63)

2. Verve’s in the Water (1:28.42)

3. Trane Unstoppable (1:35.31)

4. ICE Paddlers (1:39.48)

Community Division C final

1. Paddling for Morgan (1:21.83)

2. Off the Edge (1:22.89)

3. Mighty Mitchell (1:23.75)

4. Team Oktoberfest (1:24.36)

Corporate Division B final

1. Gensler (1:24.54)

2. Burn Warriors (1:24.88)

3. Burn Beasts (1:25.00)

4. Paddlin with Verve (1:29.03)

Youth Division final

1. Team Beron (1:25.23)

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2. Wildfire (1:26.95)

3. Dragon Whelps (1:38.48)

4. Panthers(1:39.90)

Community Division B final

1. Coulee Region Paddlers (1:18.42)

2. The Unsullied (1:18.64)

3. Blue Water Paddling (1:20.03)

4. Karen’s Krew (1:22.71)

Breast Cancer Survivor final

1. Dragon Divas (1:32.32)

2. Mississippi Sisters (1:33.81)

3. Mississippi Sisters and Friends (1:45.73)

Corporate Division A final

1. Mayo Docs in a Row (1:18.76)

2. Franciscan Flyers (1:20.11)

3. Neighborhood Smiles-Mighty Mol-Oars (1:21.25)

4. Chart United (1:22.43)

Community Division A final

1. WikiWiki Ohana (1:13.55)

2. MB’s Flying Ears (1:14.05)

3. Racine Dragon Boat Club (1:14.47)

4. CrossFit UDX (1:15.77)

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